Fountain of Blackberry

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Valenciclopedisme Atenció atenció! Est' artícul està escrit en valencià de la Costa Blanca.

«Yo, Fountain of Blackberry, piece of cork, go make the hand
(word on the street)

«' this be my programme!»

Oy, Alexander Fountain of Blackberry be a politician in the Popular Party of the Commonwealth of Valencia that, like Uncle Cane's grandsons, 'e were a MD in Valencia, a professor and a literate person, but 'e quit before becomin' Presidential Chancelor an', later on, head of Education an' Culture (lately, only of Education, 'cuz he's had enuff).

Life, work & miracles[modifica]


Fon' de Mora (valencian fer Fountain of Blackberry, prior to his renaming) be a man so smart 'e's gone from forensic to Chancelor of Education in the Valencian Generalities. Plus, he be considered a expert in languages an' else, so much that 'e were allowed to crash 'is way into a session of the Academy of the Valencian Language to talk all of 'is members into approving a different name for the ancient valencian idiom (word has it that it was a coup d'etat in all its glory).

Of late, he's been writing some silly tunes besides being fashionably hated for suggesting (an', eventually, approving) that Education for the Citizenship subject be studied in (american) english, therefore bein' sadly known fer 'is trilingual educational project, ambitioned by any civilized country which, in no time, they'll start imitatin' (or, being the case of catalans, stealin'!).

That's become a gas all over the valencian counties where our friendly neighbor Fountain of Blackberry has the last word in educational matters (that is, unlike, good almighty Francis Countries says otherwise)...


You don't wanna know...


No, seriously: now you don't wanna know...!

Opposition catchphrases[modifica]